Sunday, 28 October 2012

The range of Wind Turbine Syndrome - update

I am a careless young man. In my last post, I left out four wind farms in Victoria: Codrington, Toora, Wonthaggi and Hepburn. I have now included them, in the below screenshot:

Click to enlarge. (Clear lines are rendering error - ignore them)
Of particular note is the revelation that all of Melbourne is now encompassed by the documented effective range of Wind Turbine Syndrome, and is subject to these effects from two separate wind farms:

Considering this, let's take a closer look at the different cities covered by this range, and their respective populations:

Yes, the number of Australians subject to Wind Turbine Syndrome, according to Wind Watch, is 6,320,300. Six million citizens. At the time of writing, the population of Australia is 22,795,392, which means about 28% of Australia's population should be subject to the effects of Wind Turbine Syndrome. 

Using self-reported anecdotes as primary evidence isn't great - you end up with fairly absurd figures, as above. This serves as a brilliant example of how extremely improbable claims are happily put forward as supporting evidence by anti-wind groups.

These are then sold as firm evidence of a catastrophic and concerning health issue. 

As the author of the claim points out, 

"Truly these figures appear subjective, outrageous, and for most, impossible to believe. However, I am reporting my findings that have taken hours and days to determine. I’m not just plucking figures out of the air."

Below is the interactive map - first gadget is for all browsers, and the second will work if you have Google Earth installed on your computer. 

All Browsers (2D map)

Google Earth Plugin (3D map)


  1. And to think those shameless Yanks are focussed on a mere storm that's leaving millions without electricity at all, and causing the evacuations of millions more.

    Why can't they spare a thought for the plight of the enormous numbers of sufferers of Wind Turbine Syndrome in Australia, nay, around the world! After all, most of Europe's population centers are closer than 100 km to wind turbines, as are most of America's.

    What's a little freezing in the dark compared to the horrors of a slight ringing in the ears? No perspective. Really.

  2. Tis a plague on our nations I tell you. All these genetically inferior human beings falling over at the sight or whispering sound of a moving aerofoil. But why are they not dropping dead in their thousands under aircraft flight paths, when flocks of birds fly overhead or the occasional meteor deigns to shatter the windows in tall buildings?

    Clearly WTS is a euphemism for Will They Swallow (it), anti-windfarm propaganda designed and brought to you by well-meaning fools and the fossil fuel industry.