Monday, 11 March 2013

Do Wind Turbines Make Your House Explode?

Occasionally, when trawling through the reams of eagerly repeated but consistently unchecked myth, absurdity and pseudoscience about wind energy on the internet, I come across something that is well-researched, considered and intelligent. 

This is not one of those times. 
"The problem is, turbine towers are just the right size to be “vibrated apart” (my term) by ocean wave resonance.....This is akin to what happens inside a house. Turbine infrasound creates a resonance (vibration) within certain-sized rooms, in some cases shaking the house apart."
Recently, a professor at the University of Norway made public some work that suggested offshore wind turbines may, in certain circumstances, be affected by the resonance of waves - a phenomenon known as 'ringing'. As with nearly all research about wind energy, the anti-wind blogosphere blew the consequences of the modelling absurdly out of proportion.

Hilariously, the authors of decided to take it a step further - awkwardly and forcibly  comparing the impact of ocean waves on wind turbines to the impact of sound energy on houses. They assert that the 'resonance' from wind turbines can shake houses apart. 

Should have built a coal-fired power station instead
How do we know that wind turbines can make houses violently deconstruct? 
"Witness the home of Anne & Mark Cool, Falmouth, MA, where nails are coming out of the walls in a relatively new home"
Yes, nails are coming out of their walls - and in a relatively new home as well, removing dilapidation as an explanation. This leaves us with only one explanation - wind turbines
"Wind energy has entered the realm of slapstick. Three Stooges comedy. Except, it’s so tragic."

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