Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Renewable energy can't power industry, except when it can, er, just ignore that

I came across this wonderful little clip yesterday:

"There is no way on God's Earth that you can have a solar powered steel mill just as there's no way you can have a wind powered manufacturing plant"
- Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia 
Abbott issued this decree to the Steel Institute in 2011.

This is a video of a solar powered steel mill:

And this BMW manufacturing plant is powered by wind turbines:

"Wind turbines providing power to the BMW Leipzig Plant"

"In July 2013, the BMW Leipzig plant took four wind turbines into service on the factory premises. These Nordex wind turbines have a total power output of 10 MW. This is more than is required for future production of electric cars.....The power needed for the production will be produced on the plant premises by four wind turbines"


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