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  1. Hi Ketan

    Been reading your article in today's Guardian. Good on you for keeping up the faith, whoops, I should have said science.

    Anyway I liked your chart about the perceived and actual consensus amongst climate scientists concerning climate change. Can you give me the source for the chart please. I would like to share it with an email group with which I sometimes share things.

    My email is


    1. Hi Tim,

      The hyperlinked source for the chart was just underneath the graphic on the article - it's here:

  2. Hi Ketan,

    I'm part of the team organising Goodness Festival in 2014, which runs from 15th to 31st August, in Geraldton.

    I'm inquiring about opportunities for you to be guest speaker / presenter at the Goodness Awards on 29/30th August, or the Energy-Water Nexus event on the 15th August.

    The most value for all parties would be to combine it with perhaps a solo event, as a guest / panellist presenter at the Energy-Water Nexus, and perhaps stay around for part of Startup Weekend. Or, do a combination of a specific renewables/wind event on the 29th/30th then have you as a guest speaker at the Awards. A third option is to be a 'virtual' guest presenter at the Nexus on 15th.

    Attached is a guest invitation for your consideration:

    Last year the Festival attracted 1100 people to 20 events, including an exhibition, awards night. You can view last year's here, and a short video here:

    It seems a nice fit given Inifgen's investment in the region, the theme of the festival seeming to align with your values and views, and your previous roles in National Science Week events (which Goodness is aligned with).

    Look forward to hearing from you.



  3. It's refreshing to see someone in Australia that knows about energy issues (and the impact, whether environment and long term cost) and CAN write about it, rare breed indeed. The psychology side of humanity is indeed interesting with this climate change, hence, I guess your knack in renewable energy AND psychology is a good mix.

  4. A quickie—I’d suggest *attribute/attribution* rather than *assignation*, as the primary meaning of the word you used in the Connector drop/Bolt thing (is he not a selective/false evidence kinda guy?) is to make a clandestine rendesvous. ;o)