Friday, 29 June 2012

'James Delingpole' - Your satire disgusts me

Dear 'James',

As a young boy growing up in London, I was exposed to satire of the highest calibre. The oddly enchanting quirks of Monty Python, the science-fiction absurdity of Red Dwarf and a raft of other brilliant shows filled me with joy, and I grew to love irony and satire, as tools of criticism and humour. Despite this joy, on rare occasions, an indescribable horror creeps into my mind, as I see satire being misused, misapplied and mistreated. You're clever, 'James', but you've gone too far.

'Delingpole' often tricks journalists into comedic interviews
I started to get an inkling about your arrogant form of humour when I first read your piece in The Australian, 'Wind farm scam a huge cover up' (03/05/2012).  Expecting, as I normally do from The Australian, high quality independent journalism, the following phrase raised my suspicions:
"Lloyd interviewed a number of victims whose lives had been ruined by the vast, swooshing wind towers looking over their homes.....Their chickens were laying eggs without yolks; their ewes were giving birth to deformed lambs; their once-active dogs spent their days staring blankly at the wall.."
Great work, 'James'. Ha Ha. Do you really think a serious, important issue like climate skepticism is fit for your fictionalised accounts of pseudoscience? Seriously, I've had it with your parody articles - the discussion should be serious and informed, and I wonder how The Australian would feel if they knew you had deceived them into publishing your shameless ridicule of the proud and solemn climate skeptic movement?

'Delingpole' hams it up for the ladies

You might feel clever, but your comedic techniques are transparent and unimaginative. Anyone with an eye for comedy can perceive your methods instantaneously. The absurd persona you've created, (snooty, hyperbole-obsessed, abusive Brit) is too crude and exaggerated to be even barely believable. Real climate skeptics are nothing like the surreal character you've dreamt up. They're intelligent, well-spoken and they don't rely on childish provocation and bullying. You know, some humourists work on subtlety and class. You went too far, 'Delingpole' (or whatever your name is).
'James' pretends to be a serious
writer, whilst making fun of

We all know that science is basically just a megaphone for greenie, tree-hugging, subsidy-loving hippies. But I bet you love 'science', don't you, 'Delingpole'? Your socialist, latte-sipping snobbery is typical of inner city types. You can write your parody articles about wind farms, but would you want one in your backyard?? Would you want the infrasonic vibrational energy waves triggering electromagnetic spasms in your brain pathways? No, of course not, you left-wing nutjob - why don't you try talking to one of the actual peacocks that have had serious relationship problems because of the scourge of wind farms? No, that would go against your ivory-tower, intellectual nonsense, wouldn't it?

Just keep in mind, 'James Delingpole', that not everyone falls for your 'parody' crap, and that not everyone finds your silly articles 'funny'. I'm onto you.

Yours Sincerely,
A concerned citizen

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