Monday, 15 April 2013

Devine and The Daily Telegraph

Today, Miranda Devine published a profoundly silly piece in the Daily telegraph.

She claims that, due to the 'bastardisation of climate science', people have come to distrust science - as they wander around on cold, windy days, they remember global warming, and consequentially, they throw vaccination to the wind: 
"In Vaucluse and Mosman, among the very people who drank most heartily of the climate Kool-Aid, are parents who reject the evidence that vaccination saves lives. They prefer to believe hocus pocus claims that immunisation against once-lethal childhood diseases leads to autism or brain damage."
Let's have a look at some of the articles published by the Daily Telegraph, with regards to vaccination: 

Not all of their coverage of vaccination constitutes pseudoscientific scare-mongering, but they do possess their fair share of attention-grabbing, scary anti-vax coverage. The hypocrisy of Miranda Devine is mind-boggling. 

The Daily Telegraph bravely champion a scientific mindset. My heroes! 

The Daily Telegraph's variable attitude towards science reporting does not stop with the repetition of vaccination myths. Some other fun topics covered by The Daily Telegraph and their partners: 


Let us end with the infinite wisdom of Miranda Devine:
"But we should also sheet blame for the rise of irrational beliefs where it belongs, to those who corrupted science for ideological purposes."


  1. I would rather say that we should sheet blame for the rise of irrational beliefs to where it belongs: to those so-called "journalists" who don't know what they are talking about and try to sound like experts on science.

  2. Condemned by her own hypocrisy. Divine seems unable to distinguish fantasy from fact, she should stick to what she knows best, writing rubbish for Mr Murdoch