Friday, 3 May 2013

Night terrors

Oh no! The wind only blows at night! This is ridiculous!
The sum generation of all NEM-registered wind farms, last summer:

Sorry, haters. To ease your pain, here's dressy cat on a tricycle:



  1. Your graph is apparently from Australia, whereas the tweet is apparently about Scotland.

    1. Indeed, anonymous. The myth spreads without boundary, though.

      Regardless, we see the same trend in the UK:
      See 6.4:

      "6.4 Diurnal Wind Patterns
      “In many places, wind tends to blow best on winter nights, when demand is low” –
      New York Times 2006.
      Amounts of wind generally change systematically throughout the day (diurnal
      variations) as a result of the sun warming the Earth’s surface. This effect can be seen
      in the data (Figure 11), although it is only constrained at four times of the day (00.00,
      06.00, 12.00, &18.00) so it is difficult to ascertain at exactly what time of day it tends
      to be most windy for example. Out of the four times of the day at which data were
      available, midday was consistently most windy."

  2. Thankfully, my doctor prescribed an excellent homeopathic tincture -- he has it on tap now! -- for my cognitive dissonance, so your peurile taun ... What an adorable cat on a tricycle! And look at it's widdle costume.