Monday, 28 May 2012

How much renewable energy until the apocalypse?

"Hey, Ketan, I know renewable energy will send humanity back to the stone age, but exactly when should I start becoming deranged and building an underground shelter against the forthcoming cataclysm of death and destruction?"
It's a hard one, right? It's difficult to keep up with the times - new renewable energy sources are constantly being added to the generation mix in Australia's energy market, and there hasn't been any mass-cannibalism yet, for unknown reasons.

So, exactly how much renewable energy will result in the apocalyptic erasure of wealth, civilisation and culture?  Using wind energy as an example, I've drawn up an easy guide to estimating the onset of armageddon. All you have to do is take the current installed capacity in the national electricity market, add a bit more, and you have your magic number! As more renewables are installed, you can simply adjust your annihilation-number. It's that easy! 

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