Saturday, 26 May 2012

The More Scientific Method

These days, we laugh at people who think it's safe to keep a fridge in the house. It seems pretty unthinkable to keep one of those deadly stress-inducing monsters in our kitchen. But how did we find out the adverse effects of the once-mighty refrigerator on human health? Well, it started with science. Raw science.

But what is this 'science' thing? Well, for the purposes of keeping the public informed, the Kitchen Defense League has drawn up a handy diagram to help you, the public, differentiate the real studies from the fake ones. Keep it handy! 

As you can see, science cuts through the nonsense and tells us what we need to know. Our obsession with rushing through technology means we sometimes forget to examine the potential health effects of the machines we use. But, once you've found the cause, how do you explain it? Patience. I'll address that in my next post.

1 comment:

  1. Your mockery of the dangers of Refrigerator Infrasound Syndrome (RIS) is deeply sad. You are perpetuating the dangers of RIS through your unthinking post.

    We at RISIBLE are devoted to making people capable of understanding the dangers of RIS. We will not rest while others rest near refrigerators.

    RISIBLE is a charitable foundation that accepts donations from anyone and any organization, but prefers large checks from organizations and individuals that believe refrigerators pollute the visual landscape through their very existence, driving down the value of our vacation properties. (Don't believe the rumours that there are only 20 of us who rotate sitting on the boards of 14 different organizations devoted to this pernicious menace.)