Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Galileo Movement's 'Alarmist Keyboard' - Originally from a White Supremacist thread?

Just saw a cute graphic on twitter:

The Galileo Movement, a climate denial group, have been trotting it out in response to accusations levelled against them:

The image was also picked up the popular climate denial blog 'Watts up with That', and also by Joanne Nova, another prominent Australian climate denier:

It's pretty clear from the image that they've inserted text over some base image. It reminded of another image I'd seen tweeted by climate skeptics, depicting the evil trojan horse of 'Agenda 21':

As it turns out, they'd scribbled over the wheels of the trojan horse with Microsoft Paint, presumably to mask any perception of anti-semitism - the original looks like this, featuring the Star of David, a symbol of Judaism, on the wheels:

I did a quick reverse Google image search on the GM's 'alarmist keyboard'. I wasn't really that surprised to see the first result pop up - a white supremacist forum called 'Storm Front':

It can also be found on this facist white-supremacist blog [WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT] and this anti-semitic blog. Curiously, the Galileo Movement chose to leave the communist symbol of the hammer and sickle on their version of the keyboard. But wait, there's more...

Yep, there's an equally lame anti-feminism version. This one seems to have actually come out *after* the Galileo Movement published their version.

The climate change deniers using their version of the 'keyboard' aren't necessarily anti-semitic or white-supremacists. But it's still interesting to trace the history of the imagery that pops up in the heady world of Australian climate denial. There's an undeniable link to far-right conservatism that has very little to do with scientific questions.

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